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A quantum engineering guide to microwave photonics and multiconductor transmission lines
A spacial and population distribution of optical transients in M31 from the research-based science education program
A systematic investigation of exotic matter in neutron stars
Accurate parameters of the double-lined eclipsing binary kic 9474969 and comparison with asteroseismology
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques to probe muscle structure and function
An improved analysis of the resolved binary 51 Tau and the age of Hyades
An investigation of higher-order effects in modeling exoplanet HAT-P-7b
Analyzing complex flows in Bose-Einstein condensates using data-driven methods
Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor for Wireless Communication Applications
Asymptotic approximations of integrals with applications
Atomic factorization of molecular interactions
Bifurcation analysis of coupled spin torque nano oscillators parallel array configuration
Detailed modeling of hierarchical higher order Kepler stellar systems
Developing data-driven methods to investigate complex flows in Bose-Einstein condensates
Developing microwave networks into quantum objects within SLH formalism
Effects of pycnonuclear reactions on accreting white dwarf stellar evolution
High precision measurement of the Atlas binary system masses
Hot nuclear matter and the properties of (proto-) neutron stars
Improved dynamical parameters for transiting circumbinary planets
Improving nuclear mass predictions using machine learning algorithms