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  • X = Jankowski, Piotr L.
Developing a collaborative multimedia learning platform for GIScience education: A case study in designing an interactive textbook for iPad
El Salvador in motion: Socioeconomic causes of child migration
Global warming information tool - a map based teaching aid
Habitat Distribution For Non-Native Amazona Viridigenalis Within San Diego County Using Maxent Predictive Model
Interactive digital field mapping and Neogene tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Kendeng and Rembang deformed zones east-central Java, Indonesia
Participatory GIS in Accra, Ghana as a tool for neighborhood definition and differentiation
Sex-specific habitat suitability models for Panthera tigris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Social media information landscape : a case study in the spatial, semantic and temporal patterns of GPS-enabled tweets
Spatial-temporal analysis of information diffusion patterns with user-generated geo-spatial contents from social media
The development of an evolutionary algorithm to predict outcomes in meteorological trends
The shape file manipulation tool
Usability Evaluation of Cloud-Based Mapping Tools for the Display of Very Large Datasets