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Application of Rayleigh Scattering Theory to three-dimensional magnetotelluric modeling
Application of the Rayleigh-FFT technique to magnetotelluric modeling
Application of the Rayleigh-FFT technique to topographic corrections in magnetotellurics
Causes for the decline of hot spring and geyser activity, Steamboat Springs, Nevada
Dissolution and solute transport of MTBE, benzene, and toluene from a synthetic NAPL emplaced in a saturated porous medium
Effects of flow rate ratios on tracer recovery and transport parameter estimation in forced-gradient tracer tests
Evaluation of hydraulic and hydrogeochemical parameters of a deep fracture groundwater system in the area of Cuyamaca-Julian, San Diego County, California
Evaluation of water-quality conditions in the Lompoc area, Santa Barbara County, California
Fault produced fabrics adjacent to the Newberry Mountains detachment fault, Clark County, southern Nevada
Geohydrology and numerical simulation of the Lompoc area aquifer system, Santa Barbara County, California
Ground-water remediation in Ocotillo Wells, California
Groundwater contamination potential from hydrocarbon dissolution
Groundwater recharge calculations in San Diego County
Hydrogeochemical study of groundwater contamination at the Ramona Landfill, San Diego County, California
Hydrogeology of Ballena Valley, San Diego County, California
Hydrogeology of Mammoth Meadows groundwater basin, Mammoth Lakes, California
Hydrogeology, hydrofluxes, and chemistry of a riparian wetland
Landslide hazardous areas, Bellevue, Washington
Major ion and trace metal contamination of groundwater at the Riverside sanitary landfill
Paleohydrology of the Eocene Ballena gravels, San Diego County, California