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Gene expression analysis of heat-shock proteins in Boechera sparsiflora, Boechera pulchra, and Boechera depauperata when exposed to various degrees of heat
Hydrogeology of Ballena Valley, San Diego County, California
Hydrologic and geologic controls on groundwater recharge along the Mojave River floodplain aquifer
Hydrologic, Climatological, and Biogeochemical Controls on Thermal Structure and Anoxia in Four Hypereutrophic Drinking Water Reservoirs
Mapping drought in the Krishna Basin with remote sensing
Radiocarbon Measurements of Root and Soil Respired CO_ in an Old-Growth Coniferous Forest for Estimates of Residence Time and Flux Partitioning
Spatial and temporal variation in biomass accumulation in southern California chaparral
Terrigenous sediment dynamics in a small, tropical, fringing-reef embayment
The Evolution of Abiotic Stress Tolerance: A Physiological and Gene Expression Approach to the Relationship Between High Light and Heat Stress Responses in Boechera
The effects of climate variability on the abundance of West Nile virus vectors in San Diego County