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"My childhood ended with my mom's incarceration": Adolescent children of incarcerated parents
Affirming indigeneity in public spaces: Indigenous Mexican testimonios about higher education
Invisible Borders
Latin America with a broad brush: The importance of interdisciplinary instruction in the world language classroom
Mestizas in the Academy : Latina faculty and the negotiation of their personal and professional lives
Por uno pagamos todos: Immigrant opinions on deportation
Queering diasporic activism: Undocumented Latinx youth social movements in the U.S. Southwest (2006-2016)
Re/Generation Barrio Logan: A Place-based Audio Tour of Transitions and Continuities from 2007-2013
Recognizing Deportation as a Manifestation of Violence: Liminality and Intended Circular Migration of Repatriated Mexican Migrants
Renaming the world through hip-hop: The soundtrack of the revolution
The Triple Expulsion of mexican Deportees and the Role of Television news Reports in Naturalizing their Dehumanization
Twenty-First Century Forms of Social Resistance
Twice Undocumented: The Role of Transnational Advocacy Groups in the Registration of Doubly Undocumented Oaxacan Migrants in California
Unintended consequences of "gentrification" in Barrio Logan?
Warcare economies: Countering violent extremism in San Diego