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"On water" Wittig reaction laboratory experiment and the development of an "on water" catalytic Wittig reaction
Activation of visceral insular cortex in response to ethanol sensory cues after prolonged ethanol exposure
An analysis of autophagy in the aging murine heart
Biophysical and biochemical effects of mono-ubiquitination on engineered proteins
CHYSEL in Ciona intestinalis : ensuring co-expression of multiple proteins in equimolar amounts
Cardiomyocyte cell cycle dynamics visualized through FUCCI
Catalytic methods for chemical biology
Characterization of intracellular Group B Streptococcus and host defense
Coxsackievirus persistence in the neonatal central nervous system: Investigating the interplay between the host response and viral persistence in neural stem and progenitor cells
Cytosolic free calcium regulation during contraction of the neonatal cardiac cell: exploration using gene silencing methods
Discovery and application of stress response proteins as therapies for heart disease
Effect of the P838L mutation on myosin function in Drosophila melanogaster
Effects Of Chronic Voluntary Ethanol Consumption On Tissue Lipid Composition
Effects of Environmental Conditions on Recruitment and Peripheral Fatigue
Effects of Freeman Sheldon Syndrome Y583S and R672C myosin mutations on indirect flight muscles of Drosophila
Effects of myosin mutations causing human distal arthrogryposis in the drosophila model
Effects of tigeminal desensitization on chemosensory responding to ethanol and basic tastants in heterogeneous Wistar rats
Elucidating progressive supranuclear palsy genotype-phenotype relationships using human isogenic induced pluripotent stem cells
Elucidating the Role of Hepatitis C Virus NS2 and NS4A Cofactors on the Activity of NS3 Protease Using Gal4 Cell-Based Assay
Fabrication of Gold-Platinum and Gold-Carbon Hybrid Polyimide Spinal Cord Surface Electrodes for the Stimulation of Spinal Neurons