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Enabled Filters

  • X = Harris, Fredric J.


A novel approach to characterization of frequency dependent losses in transmission lines
A novel high-throughput FFT architecture for wireless communication systems
A square-root Nyquist filter design using minimax optimization
Algorithm evaluation for quality control of industrial processes
Ambient sensor based vital sign monitoring system
An efficient and reconfigurable hardware architecture for narrow bandwidth low-pass and polyphase recursive filters
An efficient hardware implementation of an energy detection-based spectral estimator for cognitive radios
An efficient hardware implementation of delayed signals
Analysis and simulation of wireless OFDM communications
Auto rectification for robotic helicopter aerial imaging
Ballistic manufacturing: The effect of velocity and incidence angle
Beyond the tricorder: A practical approach to delivering the promise of smart healthcare
Computationally efficient design and software implementation of a wireless channel emulator
Constant-Q filter banks for identifying odontocete whistles
Design and implementation of constant envelope, continuous phase modem
Detection of circles in images
Educational tool for Hadoop
FPGA based geometric measurement of face features
Generalized diffractive optical elements with asymmetric response and phase control
Gesture recognition using proximity sensors with Mojo