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A geochemical and isotopic study of the youngest lavas from the islands of Upolu and Savai'i, Samoa
A probabilistic approach for assessing rock mass and volume change: Implication for the development of the Scove Canyon shear zone, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Assessing mass and volume changes in the Julian Schist, eastern San Diego County: Implications for pluton emplacement
Characterization of lyso scintillation crystals with sipm readaout toward three dimensional, time of flight pet detection
Chemistry and petrology of a La Posta series soil: Weathering in a Mediterranean hot summer climate
Chemostratigraphy of bedded chert in the Peale Formation, northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for the transition from the antler to the Sonoman orogenic events
Climatically dependent compositional variations in holocene sand derived from a granodiorite pluton
Geochemical and lead isotopic constraints on the source origin of the Harper Creek gneiss from the Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains shear zone, Peninsular Ranges batholith of Southern California
Geochemical characterization and tectonic implications of the early to middle Jurassic Sailor Canyon Formation, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Geochemistry, petrography and REE analysis of leucogranite plutons from the western zone of the Peninsular Ranges batholith
Measurement threshold of a transimpedance amplifier with specific application to mass spectroscopy
Multivariate analysis of mass change in a middle jurassic contact metamorphic aureole: Implications for volume changes and modeling fluid to rock ratios
Optical photon extraction from an LYSO scintillator matrix for a 3D PET detector design
Petrologic aspects of sand-sized detritus derived from mylonitic plutonic rocks in different climatic zones of the Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Pluton-wall rock relationships for the emigrant gap composite pluton, Sierra Nevada, CA: Implications for pluton emplacement mechanisms
Shoo Fly Complex, Lake Spaulding area, northern Sierra Nevada, California: An Early Paleozoic accretionary complex?
Spatial, temporal, structural, petrographical and geochemical relations between the Harper Creek gneiss and the Oriflamme Canyon unit, CLMSZ, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Textural, mineralogical, and chemical changes associated with contact metamorphism of older plutonic rocks: Observations from the Cibbets Flat pluton, Peninsular Ranges, California
The carboniferous Peale chert, Sierra Nevada, California: A case study for determining depositional settings of chert-argillite units within complex metamorphic terranes