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A look at contemporary labor issues, alternative community unions, and the prospective welfare system in Japan
Anaphoric demonstratives in spoken and written Japanese discourse
Boxers and converts: The significance of Chinese Christian converts to the Boxer Uprising of 1900
Communist political struggle in Hue: Buddhist, student, and intellectual dissidence during the Vietnam War (1954-1966)
Literati in a troubled age: choices of Taiwanese gentry in the face of Japanese colonialism
Lobbying Regulation and Transparency in OECD Countries
Love China: Chinese internet and the spread of spontaneous nationalism
Make sense of Han's discourses: A study of Han's narratives on ethnic conflicts and gender relations in China
Spam and rice : traditional foods, identity, and health in the San Diego Pacific Islander community
Textbook analysis: vocabulary instruction of Chinese as a foreign language
The Brazilian economy in transition: Explaining President Lula's response to neoliberal reform
The individual: Between self and community
The unintended consequences of economic sanction
Tobacco control and political behavior of Koreans in America: does politics matter?
Two Koreas: Economic disparity between South and North Korea
Two-level game strategies in ROK-U.S. defense burden-sharing negotiations