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.Net visualization suite for Kloosterman cardioid research
A mobile application to aid consumers in accessing cost effectiveness in their automobile
A new implementation of suffix arrays
A summary of logic based programming language semantics specification technics, focused on lambda calculus
AMID Firestream 9170 GPGPU implementation of a Brook+parallel algorithm to search for counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture
An analytic and geometric approach for examining the stability of linear differential equations with two delays
An overview of the NTRU cryptographic system
Android augmented reality application: SDSU University Campus Guide
Colonial History of Mexico - A Bilingual GIS Application
Comparative study of Oracle Spatial and Postgres Spatial
Comparative study of major vendor spatial databases
Comparing performance of applications written in smartphone development environments
Computation of the distribution of word lengths for a regular language defined by a regular grammar
Document reader interface
Document reader interface : designing the GUI
Exploring information visualization using graphs
Field testing and performance evaluation of a mobile-platform-based QR code reader for multilingual public information display applications
Heterogeneous NPACI-ROCKS/MPI/CUDA distributed multi- GPGPU application for seeking counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture; ROCKS/CUDA integration component
Heterogeneous NPACI-Rocks/MPI/CUDA distributed multi- GPGPU application for seeking counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture
Mobile PDF conversion application for the android platform