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Czech resistance to German occupation, 1939-1945 : a case study of decentralized networks engaged in irregular warfare
Emergency management insights for US government – Lessons learned from natural disasters and areas of conflict
How do minorities affect average daily attendance: A quantile regression approach
Indonesia: Educating internet & mobile literacy in social media platforms with significance to U.S. interests
Information warfare on an evolving battlefield
Managing the risks of labor smuggling and trafficking in the San Diego area
Maritime piracy: Utilizing historical examples to combat modern-day occurrences
Non-traditional collectors: Case studies and implications for the private sector
Posting ourselves to death: The weaponization of Russian social media disinformation
Research on the strengths of North Korea’s social control system and implications for homeland security
Sensational and political headlines: An exploration of front-page headlines
The fall of the Ku Klux Klan in the postbellum South