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  • X = Gottlieb, Roberta A.
Cardiac progenitor cells support optimal heart function and repair
Coxsackievirus pathogenesis in the neonatal central nervous system: Virus dissemination, the host response to infection, and the autophagic process during viral replication
Micro particle image velocimetry measurement in an electronically active microarray
Mycardial Ischemia Sets The Stage For Mitochondrial Biogenesis By Degrading Paris
Perturbation of Autophagy by Lysosomotropic Drugs
Role of Cyclophilin D as a tumor suppressor: Importance of mitochondrial quality control
The roles of protein disulfide-isomerase associated 6 and alpha-B crystallin in chaperone-mediated cardioprotection
Use of Fluorescent Molecular Clock for Monitoring Biogenesis and Mitophagy
Vortex Formation of the LVAD-Assisted Left Ventricle Studied in a Cardiac Simulator