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"I can see Russia from my house": Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin as a template for media coverage in the 2008 presidential election
"I support your endorsement": A classification of presidential campaign endorsements and the exploration of the 2016 Republican "support" versus "endorse" dichotomy
"Obvi we're the ladies": The unruly women of postfeminist television
"Polarizing politics": Audience narrative decisions in video games
"When God gives you AIDS...make lemon-AIDS": Ironic persona and perspective by incongruity in Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic
Bringing prep out of the closet: Understanding queer adult's adoption of prep explained through the health belief model
Changing the script : social scripts as featured on Fresh Off the Boat
Civilization and its contents: Procedural rhetoric, nationalism, and civilization V
Constitutive rhetoric and the rhetoric of hope in the It Gets Better project
From intervention to rehab: Rhetorical agency in addiction and recovery reality programs
How a cloud computing environment can support social networks during catastrophic crisis and disaster management in logistics
Institutionalizing extremism: Ideological warfare at the crossroads of Soviet revolution theory and Islamic feudalism
Materializing the body through performative frames of sexual pathology and assimilation: An analysis of direct-to-consumer ads on erectile dysfunction
Reality reimagined : the effect of the spectacular narrative
Strategic communications: A case for the olympics
Symbolic warfare: ISIL visual rhetoric in "Flames of war"
The Graphic Language of American Radicalism: A Visual Rhetoric Analysis of Modern Domestic Extremist Organizations
The rugby moment: Sport, iconicity, and the political transformation of South Africa
Transformational Leadership and Communication: Barack Obama Case Study
U.S. v. Nagarwala: Reading human rights discourse in the age of neoliberalism