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Aortic valve mechanobiology in the LVAD-assisted heart: Development of a testbed for valve cell studies
CENP-A plays a critical role in the proliferation of cardiac progenitor cells
Cardiac cell engineering, preservation and phenotyping
Choline supplementation as a treatment for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Effects on hippocampal brain derived neurotropic factor
Coupling of two cell-based counter screens to reveal potential antivirals against Dengue virus
Development of optical degenerate four-wave mixing spectroscopy for characterizing and quantifying low abundance molecules/agents in complex biological/environmental systems
Drosophila as a model for myosin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy
Enhancing myocardial repair with cardioclusters
Expiratory flow limitation, dynamic hyperinflation, and locomotor power and fatigue
Functional and structural investigation of Drosophila UNC-45, a chaperone for myosin
Gene therapy and cell fusion enhances stem cell mediated cardiac repair
Genetic engineering of cardiac progenitor cells for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and heart failure
Harnessing the therapeutic potential of the ATF6 branch of the unfolded protein response
Human cardiochimeras demonstrate enhanced functional properties
Hypoxia prevents mitochondrial dysfunction and senecence in human
Identification and characterization of Cullin-3, -4, -5 and DDB1 in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea and function of ICK-family kinases in neural stem cell self- renewal, proliferation, and migration
Imposed expiratory resistive loading and pulmonary function in young healthy volunteers
Manipulation of capillary electrophoresis separation parameters for analysis of red blood cells and proteins
Sphingolipid Metabolism : A Novel Link Between Obesity and Cardiomyopathy
Targeted discovery: Adaptation of a cell-based platform for the discovery of novel HIV envelope antivirals