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A study of interior point methods on the compressed sensing problem
A study on quantifying effective training of DLDMD
A survey of the equivalence of non-convex ℓ⁰-and convex ℓ¹-minimization with application to compressed sensing
Application of basis function in source separation
Artifact removal from electroencephalogram signals using dictionary learning
Bidirectional algorithm for fundamental frequency estimation
Characteristics and bounds of spline interpolation using forward distance
Computational aspects of the material point method with applications in computer graphics
Concatenative music synthesis by note separation using onset velocity detection and statistical models
Learning deep visual models from synthetic images for municipal solid waste classification
Learning multi-label fully convolutional networks for hierarchical object parsing
Map Based Multimedia Tool on Pacific Theatre in World War II
Mathematical analysis of optimal averaging and gridding for climate data
Review and numerical comparison of image superresolution algorithms
Robust training of deep neural networks using numerical methods
Shortest path problem: A deductive graph spectrum approach
Stochastic iterative algorithms for large-scale data
The incremental build system for Lein-Droid