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  • X = Gawron, Jean Mark
"Do you feel like a woman or do you feel like a drag queen" A queer linguistic analysis of drag queen speech
A DSpace mobile theme for San Diego State University
A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
A method of segmenting topical Twitter hashtags
Building dynamic ontological models for place names using social media data from Twitter and Sina Weibo
Easy-embs: A framework for convenient and efficient implementation of subword-incorporated word embedding models
Expanding families, and the zig-zag and replacement products
Information inequalities and the inclusion-exclusion ratio
Issues in Dzongkha phonology : an optimality theoretic approach
On the structure of nominal phrases in Dzongkha
Pragmatic effects of non-normative honorifics in Korean
Syntactic Roles and Functions of Said Construction
The inclusion-exclusion and mixing ratio conjectures from the Ingleton Inequality
The similarity theory of knowledge
The threads of threat analysis: Natural language and the perception of threat seriousness
Tone and related issues in Dzongkha : a phonetic analysis