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  • X = Forsberg, Erica M.
An untargeted exploration of the Boechera depauperata heat-shock metabolome
Determining the organizational and activational effects of hyperandrogenism in a letrozole-induced mouse model of polycystic ovary syndrome
Development of a cell-based assay for the discovery of novel protease inhibiters for Zika virus
Effect of hypoxia on evolved phage resistance frequency and kinetics
Evaluation of metabolic dehydrogenases in cancer
Exploring the role of formaldehyde activating enzyme homologues in methylotrophy
How a kinase chooses its target: A case study with human IKK2
Microbial and epigenetic influences on coral reefs
Presence of mutualistic symbiosis with Nostocales cyanobacteria at the origin of land plants
PyFBA: Simulating genome-scale metabolic models