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A method for model selection applied to simple linear versus two-phase linear models
A random forest approach for propensity score matching in observational study designs
A self supervised approach for learning object detectors from semi-annotated images
Bayesian joint modeling of longitudinal visual field data with correlated binary and survival outcomes
Demographic correlates of measles vaccine noncompliance using the National Immunization Survey 2011 data
Developmental trajectories of resting-state functional connectivity networks in Autism spectrum disorders
Ensemble learning for propensity score methods on in observational studies
Ensemble learning methods for educational data mining applications
Estimating the optimal treatment regime for student success interventions
Generalized propensity score methods for assessing the impact of supplemental instruction attendance frequency
Latent class analysis and random forest ensemble to identify at-risk students in higher education
Learning based comparative market analysis
Links between local and long distance connectivity in Autism spectrum disorder
Links between thalamocortical and cerebrocerebellar functional connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Multilocus species delimitation and species tree inference within the Western Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) species complex
Nonlinear time series and the stationary bootstrap
Quantifying brain network abnormalities in children with autism spectrum disorders
Random forest using linear and nonlinear combinations of variables
Semiparametric varying-coefficient mixed effects modeling approaches to longitudinal data
Statistical inference in accelerated life testing with geometric process model