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Brainism: An account of numerical identity
Contemporary representations of characters with disabilities on the silver screen
Dekada '70 and activist mothers: A new look at mothering, militarism, and Philippine martial law
Discourse Concerning the Love of God via Damaris Masham
Exploring the emergence of a new identity: A qualitative inquiry into the multiplicities of queerness
Kings, queens, and in-betweens : exploring gender and power through drag performances
Nonhuman animal appeal : an ecofeminist exploration of PETA'S business model
Patronymy as taken-for-granted and enforced patriarchal practice?: analysis of marital naming practices and plans
Poly-tically incorrect: Women negotiating identity, status, and power in polyamorous relationships
Reimagining education without carcerality
Rejecting the desire for "health": Centering crip bodyminds in genetic testing
Shaping change beyond the carceral: Octavia E. Butler's pathway to abolition
Those with a stake in the conversation: How traditionally marginalized identities impact the interpretation of corporate advocacy
Voices of women of North African origin on the French Island of Corsica
Warcare economies: Countering violent extremism in San Diego