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  • X = Dinsdale, Elizabeth A.
A computational method for classifying phages
Comparative analysis of gene annotation tools
Contig Clustering of Metagenomics (CCOM) : _b a tool that generates population genomes (bins) to analyze and capture uncultured genomes
Coral Reef Microbes: The Influences of Benthic Primary Producers, Nutrient Availability, and Anthropogenic Stressors on Community Structure and Metabolism
Coral reef geometry wars : using coral geometry to predict coral competitive outcomes
Data mining of two large transcriptomic data sets that utilize drosophila as a model system for the study of neurodegeneration due to aging and trauma
Electron acceptors in the Arctic: The roles of iron, humic acids, and organic chlorine in anaerobic respiration
Exploring the virome of carcharhinid shark skin
Finding a novel way for fast sequence alignment and exploiting information theory in bacterial genomes and complete phages
Genetic and phenotypic analysis of Gammaproteobacteria
Genomic features and adaptations of coral reef associated flavobacteriia
Machine-learning based identification of metagenomic source environments
Metagenomic analysis of archaea and viruses in PCOS mouse model
Metagenomic study of a wastewater and advanced water treatment system for potable reuse: insights for engineering
Nonlinear time series and the stationary bootstrap
The role of siderophores in dissimilatory iron reduction in arctic tundra soils
Using K-MER abundance to identify crassphage in fecal metagenomes
meta-SourceTracker (mST): Application of Bayesian source tracking to shotgun metagenomics