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A coupled vibratory gyroscope network with bi-directional, uni-directional, and direct coupling
A geometric model of the human aortic valve and design of closure prostheses
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
A variable kinematic model for large deflection of functionally gradedvariable-stiffness composite laminates
Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
An investigation of acoustophoresis on a microfluidic platform for cell separation
Bifurcations and dynamics of feedforward networks
Calibration of bilinear softening cohesive law for modeling fiber compressive failure
Characterization and mapping of 3D printed polymers using combined terahertz imaging
Characterization of mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture energy for hybrid laminates including residual thermal strains
Collective response of networks of Colpitts oscillators coupled bidirectionally
Collective response of networks of Colpitts oscillators coupled unidirectionally
Computational and mathematical modeling of coupled superconducting quantum interference devices
Design and analysis of a compact dielectric resonator circularly polarized antenna and four resonator bandpass filter at Ku-band for satellite communications applications
Determining the Capacity of Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structures Under Seismic Loading
Drain Casting and Combustion Synthesis of Textured Ni-Ti Interfaces
Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires
Evaluation of a modified fixture for testing composite bolted joints with countersunk fasteners under bearing loads
Experimental and computational analyses of multiferroic composite ring structures
Experimental characterization of damage at countersunk bolted joints tested under quasi-static bearing loads