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A 7000 year record of paleoearthquakes on the central Garlock fault, near El Paso Peaks, California
A high resolution paleoseismic study in the southern San Jacinto fault zone, Imperial Valley, California
A magnetotelluric interpretation of the Chocolate Mountains and Milpitas Wash, southeastern California
Analysis of late holocene faulting at Hog Lake, San Jacinto Fault Zone, Southern California
Applications of high-frequency deterministic numerical simulations: Moving forward
Continuous magnetotelluric profiling across the La Bajada fault, Rio Grande drift, New Mexico
Developing stochastic models as inputs for high-frequency ground motion simulations
Dynamic modeling of pulse-like earthquakes and ground motions
Enhancement and validation of ground motion simulations
Estimation of lateral variations of the Mohorovi_i_ Discontinuity using 2D modeling of receiver functions
Evidence of prehistoric earthquakes on the Superstition Hills Fault, Southern California and a holocene slip rate of the San Andreas Fault at Gorman Creek, Southern California
Geoelectric modeling near the Salton Sea geothermal field, California
Goodness-of-fit criteria for broadband synthetic seismograms, with application to the 2008 Mw5.4 Chino Hills, CA, earthquake
Ground motion and variability from 3-D deterministic broadband simulations
Inversion of local earthquake data for site response in San Diego California
Late quaternary rupture history of the southern segment of the Lenwood Fault, Mojave Desert, California
Late quaternary uplift gradient along the Sierra Madre-Cucamonga fault zone, Central Transverse Ranges, Southern California: Evidence from alluvial fan and soil morphology
Magnetotelluric imaging of the subsurface beneath the EMSLAB Lincoln Line in western Oregon
Magnetotelluric modeling of the Valles Caldera, New Mexico
Magnetotelluric profiling across an accomodation zone in the Northern Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico