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A corpus study of ethnic slurs and derogatory language across Reddit and YouTube with Sentiment considered
A sociocultural analysis of teacher-student interaction in a Mexican 6th grade classroom
An analysis of San Diego's housing market using a geographically weighted regression approach
Anaphoric demonstratives in spoken and written Japanese discourse
Detecting errors in subject-verb agreement during on-line sentence comprehension in Spanish
Discourse markers in the university classroom
Establishing rapport in academic discourse
Exploring sociocultural dimensions of teacher-student interaction in an ESL classroom
Grammar sequencing in basic ESL
Information Status of the Postverbal Noun Phrase of the English Existential in Short Fiction
Invisible students and marginalized identities the articulation of identity among Mixteco youth in San Diego, California
Key-consonant theory: comparative analysis of Spanish and English
Lunfardo in Argentinian-Porteño communities: Attitudes and levels of lexical recognition
Narrative strategies in Ixpantepec-Nieves Mixtec
Normies and Anons: A Study of Impoliteness, Swearwords, and Sentiments in Anonymous Speech Online
Nursing simulation a classroom discourse study
Observing language changes in aging and Alzheimer's speech using information theory techniques
Parent-child reading styles and the Home Literacy Environment questionnaire as predictors of narrative complexity and school readiness
Predicting video game sales using an analysis of internet message board discussions
The linguistics performance of sexual identity by an openly gay Christian minister