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Achieving adaptive performance: A study of U.S. Army promotion outcomes
An Investigation of Work Engagement as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Personality and Work Outcomes
An examination of the moderating effects of work centrality on the relationships between person-group fit and work-related outcomes
How Polychronicity Moderates Relationships between Work-Family Conflict and Work Outcomes
Incivility in the workplace: What can be done to mitigate its insidious nature?
The moderating effects of organizational environment on the relationship between gender and OCB role definitions
The relationship between job satisfaction and economic performance: A multi-national and longitudinal examination
Ulysses S. Grant: A study in personality and leadership
Why we work : a cross-national examination of changing work value orientations and nation-level predictors
Working conditions, employee well-being, and positivity: A cross-national investigation
Workplace bullying and harassment: Effects on absenteeism