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"My childhood ended with my mom's incarceration": Adolescent children of incarcerated parents
"When did Facebook become my girlfriend?": Gender and self-presentation on Facebook
13 reasons why: An exploration of parent involvment through third-person effect
A content analysis of black thinspiration on social media sites
A pre-conviction list: Exploring gang documentation through the voices of those impacted
A theoretical approach on education, inequality, and critical pedagogy
Adult second language learners' acquisition in OSV word order with case markers in Korean
Ban the box and racial discrimination: exploring the perspectives and reintegration efforts of the criminal justice community
Centering women’s experiences and narratives within the pathways to desistance
Class consciousness: The significance of Nietzsche
Class in space: A critical analysis of modern trends in science fiction film and television
Codeswitching as a communicative strategy in a Korean heritage language classroom
Contemporary Christian rock music in the megachurch: The megachurch and popular secular culture
Disseminating through melodies: Investigating intersectionalities of music, knowledge and power
Food Speculation and the Financialization of the Commodity Market
Gender at the intersection of feminist and queer organizing in the post-Yugoslav context
Gender variant neologisms
Good for her: A contemporary analysis of the final girl trope through the lens of neoliberal feminism
Hactivism : redefining what activists can do
Music: Understanding hiphop as a form of resistance