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A coupled vibratory gyroscope network with bi-directional, uni-directional, and direct coupling
Analyzing complex flows in Bose-Einstein condensates using data-driven methods
Characterizing coherent structures in Bose-Einstein condensates: A DMD approach
Developing data-driven methods to investigate complex flows in Bose-Einstein condensates
Dynamics and Bifurcations in Coupled Bistable Systems with Applications to Engineering Devices
Effect of a varying shear current on ocean surface waves
Effect of heterogeneous prestress on near-field rupture directivity
Emissive properties of nano-layered aluminum doped zinc oxide
Exploring structural properties and consensus performance in complex networks
Generic-level phylogeny and species delimination in the paleoendemic spider genus hypochilus (Aranea, hypochilidae) based on sequence capture of ultraconserved elements
Induced drag minimization procedure for generic non-planar wings
Modeling phage-bacteria dynamics in mucus: An agent based approach to phage therapy
Modeling the transition between lytic and lysogenic behavior in a bacteria-phage system
Multiple Vortex Beam Interference Using a Programmable Spatial Light Modulator
Normal and pathological thrombopoiesis in humans
Numerical performance of mixed triangular elements based on the functional reconstitution technique
Optical detection of radio waves through a nanomechanical transducer
Vector Field Generator for a Direct Mapping of the First Order Poincaré Sphere