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  • X = Bosco, Fernando J.
An experimental test of the production of individualism within the United States
Argentina's transforming cattle rancher : a political economic look at instability and resilience
Feeling At Home With The Unfamiliar: Motivating People Through Visceral Engagements With Food
Gender rolls: The contentious integration of transgender identities into the feminist spaces of women's roller derby
Holes-In-The-Wall? Mobility Through Individually Owned Foreign Restaurants In Suzhou, China
Memoria mixteca: Memory as a geography of resistance in mixteca alta of Oaxaca, Mexico
Memory and place as intergenerational sharing: Mental maps, community walks, and the childhood geographies in San Diego's Little Italy
Modeling neighborhood boundaries and definitions : a mixed methods approach
Nature, technology, & the pursuit of justice: Urban agriculture networks in San Diego County
Neighborhood food retail environment and health outcomes among urban Ghanaian women
Participation and power in the gataifale: A comparative study of Samoan coastal marine comanagement
Reconstruction of San Diegan food culture through nineteenth and twentieth century faunal remains, San Diego, California
The role of historic resource in fostering sense of place : a study of sense of place in Uptown and Tierrasanta, San Diego