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A SINR based MAC layer protocol for multi-channel ad-hoc networks
A real time power update scheme for the smart grid using TV white space
An Archimedean spiral antenna with dielectric loading providing directional radiation patterns using a novel shape 3D printed ground structure
An interface for aeroelastic analysis of joined wing configurations including structural nonlinearities
Anaerobic digestion of lipid extracted algae
CogenPro - migration from Java desktop application to web application
Collection and Analysis of Wind Data for the Evaluation of Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Dynamics Simulator
Comparison of measured and numerically modeled wind in the Rancho Bernardo Trails community
Comprehensive resource balance for ethanol produced from corn and sugarcane
Coupled Ozonation-Anaerobic Digestion of Glycerol For Biomethane Production
Coupled chemical-biological process for the conversion of glycerol to bioethanol
Coupled fluid flow and radiation modeling of a small particle solar receiver
Degradation of sulfamethoxazole and sulfthiazole in aqueous solution by ozonation and advanced oxidation processes
Design and implementation of a collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Design, microfabrication and mechanical characterization of polymer-based microelectrode arrays
Development of a photovoltaic system simulation framework: A techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic system installations for industrial facilities in Southern California
Effect of mechanical milling and current intensity on the electrically activated combustion synthesis of titanium aluminides
Environment monitoring embedded system with energy aware power management and data security
Evaluation of lipid extraction methods from microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
Fabrication and characterization of 3-D all polymer flexible solar cell