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A geophysical investigation of Valle Trinidad, Baja California, Mexico
A history of trace metal pollution in the Tia Juana River Estuary, San Diego County, California
A numerical model of potential conjunctive use in San Dieguito basin, San Diego County, California
A study of thermal waters in Valle Trinidad, Baja California, Mexico
Age and origin of gold mineralization in the southern portion of the Julian Mining District, Southern California
An evaluation of potential lateral saltwater intrusion in the Ocotillo-Coyote Wells groundwater basin, Imperial County, California
Causes for the decline of hot spring and geyser activity, Steamboat Springs, Nevada
Depositional and diagenetic history of the Mountain Springs Formation Member C (lower to middle Devonian), southern Great Basin
Depositional environments and diagenetic history of Member B (Upper Ordovician) of the Mountain Springs Formation, southern Nevada and southeastern California
Evaluation of hydraulic and hydrogeochemical parameters of a deep fracture groundwater system in the area of Cuyamaca-Julian, San Diego County, California
Genesis, mineralogy and stratigraphy of the Neogene Fish Creek Gypsum, southwestern Salton Trough, California
Geohydrologic investigation of Vallecito Valley, San Diego County, California
Geology and geochemistry of the La Prosperidad banded ferromanganese deposit and other mineral deposits in the metavolcanic Fe-Cu Province of Baja California, Mexico
Hydrogeochemical study of groundwater contamination at the Ramona Landfill, San Diego County, California
Hydrogeologic investigation of Las Flores Basin, San Diego County, California
Hydrogeology of Ballena Valley, San Diego County, California
Inter-pore bypass of the chloride mass balance technique
Multidepth soil gas analyses using passive and dynamic sampling techniques
Nearshore sediment distribution at San Onofre, California
Offshore geology and sediment distribution of the El Capitan-Gaviota continental shelf, northern Santa Barbara channel, California