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  • X = Berta, Annalisa
Effects of meal size and feeding frequency on selected postprandial blood and urine variables in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
From Finbacks To Humpbacks: Investigation Of The Evolutionary History Of Balaenopteridae
Shape analysis of odontocete mandibles: functional and evolutionary implications
Something Old, Something New, Something Swimming in the Blue: An Analysis of the Pinniped Family Desmatophocidae, its Phylogenetic Position and Swimming Mode
The Better To Eat You With: The Comparative Feeding Morphology And Evolution Of Feeding Strategies In Phocid Seals (Pinnipedia, Phocidae)
The comparative anatomy of baleen: Evolutionary and ecological implications
Three dimensional analysis of large scale dental wear in Late Cretaceous eutherians, Dzharakuduk Region Uzbekistan