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A dangerous neutrality: Ronald Reagan, Argentina, and the South Atlantic crisis
A history of the women of Mexico and their agency: Goddesses, queens, translators, and nuns
Becoming Friendship Park : the History of Border Field State Park
Chilean uprising of 2019: a comprehensive analysis of the events that caused the protests with possible solutions to prevent further civil unrest
Education as an Equalizer in Domingo Sarmiento’s Educación Popular
El placer de la fugacidad semantica en la poesia de migraciones
Entre la lucha y la ataraxia en el arbol de la ciencia de pio baroja, niebla de miguel de unamuno y la voluntad de azorin
Free women of color as property owners: The coloniality of power and the liminal racial space in Spanish, Louisiana, 1776-1811
La América de Valle-Inclán como producto del pseudo-occidentalismo en Sonata de estío y anti-occidentalismo en Tirano Banderas
News from Mexico: How newspapers from across the world covered the Second French Intervention in Mexico
The imagined space between us: A look motivational research and its effects on advertising and how MR cultivated gendered visions in postwar America
Traditions vs progress in a Mexican context: The evolving roles of women during the Porfiriato in the nineteenth century