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Development of the legal problem novel from Caleb Williams to Ivanhoe and Mary Barton
Down and out in London : 'Hack' authorship and penny fiction in nineteenth century Britain
Exodus (1960) : a movie with a message ... they listened!
Imperialism: Alive and well in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joycean Paralysis within the works of D. H. Lawrence and E. M. Forster
Manufacturing a gendered Nigeria: Academic discourse at the University of Ibadan, 1948-1977
Multimedia software for teaching about British Empire
Shattered dreams : accounts of ordinary citizens and soldiers during the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the war in Croatia
Shifting perceptions of citizenship in the United Kingdom and France
The Cold War Congo: The Congo crisis and the determinants behind US Cold War foreign policy (1952-1964)
The Common Defense: Challenging State Authority and the Citizen Army Through the Privatization of Force
The fear within: Early scientific film and its influence on the horror genre
The god of war: Napoleonic appropriation of Greco-Roman art, architecture, and iconography