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A critical analysis of the private language argument
An analytical critique of postmodern social movements: The ethics of compelled pronouns and epistemology of “Me, Too”
Aristotle's criteria of virtue as they relate to the character of Batman
Damaged personal identity in healthcare
Death, being, and other: Heidegger, Levinas, and Tolstoy on death
Doxastic responsibility without doxastic control
Emmanuel Levinas and the feminine
Equality, responsibility, and climate policy
Excavating Plato's cave
Foundations of cognitive states
Giuseppe Panza : aesthetics in contemporary art
Global bioethics: Art, death, and personhood
Heidegger on spatiality
Hóngzhi Zhēngjué's 宏智正覺 silent illumination teachings as the roots of Dōgen Zen 道元禅
I'm a compatibilist, but only because I have to be
Incorporating Beginning Jazz Improvisation Activities and Exercises into an Intermediate-Level Classical Piano Curriculum: A Guide for Private Piano Teachers
Levinas and Kierkegaard : critical companions
Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lie": A Tropological Response to Kant's First Critique
Qualia in a materialist theory
Reimagining education without carcerality