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An analytical approach to transient dynamics: A case study on phage and bacteria population interactions
Dynamical properties of Bose-Einstein condensates
Equation of state calculations of 3-flavor of quark matter using the PNJL model
Gridcat: low-level perception based on Starcat
Large scale simulation of mucus
Meshfree data driven scattered interpolation estimates of Lyapunov exponents using optimized radial basis functions
Methodological improvements in voxel based analysis of diffusion tensor images: Applications to study the impact of APOE on white matter integrity
Multiclass learning on graphs : diffuse interface models and beyond
Nonlinear waves and ratcheting behavior in granular chains
Nuclear matter calculations with the relativistic hartfree-fock method
On modeling emergent neocortical complexity with complex adaptive systems
Optical trapping and particle tracking in viscoelastic mucin solutions
Properties of massive neutron stars
Quantum kinetics and the zeno ansatz: Sterile neutrino dark matter in the early universe
Stability of quark stars against radial oscillations
Structural analysis of HK97-fold protein shells using quasi-rigid domain decomposition
Synthesis and characterization of polyurea-polyurea composite
Synthesis of nervous systems in hybrid robots utilizing hierarchical Q - Learning and temporal shifting
The cosomological constant and the formation of compact stars in the early universe