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A critical analysis of the private language argument
A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
Fantasies of control: The exploitation of the child in posthuman YA literature
Forti nihil difficile: How the Victorians created a new self-image under revolutionary conditions
Frayed edges: Stitching together femininity in British literature
Heidegger on spatiality
I'm a compatibilist, but only because I have to be
Reconstructing female identity in The Death of the Heart, The Invisible Worm, and The Gathering
Restoring the role of the author through technotextual metafiction
Rethinking the normative: Madness, abjection, and awareness in American literature and film
Rhetorical forms and perceptual realities: Form as symbolic action in William Blake's poetry and virtual reality
Secret sex: Feminist pornography and the confessional space
The being goes on: Exploring the feminine, masculine, and post-human in the works of Samuel Beckett
The great obligation: The Serampore Baptist missionaries and the rise of social service in Protestant missions
The nature of film : presentation, representation, and the imagination
Utopias and dystopias : the rights and privileges of citizens in (Dys)functional nation-states