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A coupled vibratory gyroscope network with bi-directional, uni-directional, and direct coupling
A framework for identifying antibiotic resistance in the human microbiome
Advancements in the elicitation, aggregation, and forecasting of probability distributions under time constraints
Bayesian joint modeling of longitudinal visual field data with correlated binary and survival outcomes
Boosting Performance and Endurance of Flash-Based Storage Systems: From Embedded Systems to Enterprise Servers
Causal effect random forest of interaction trees for learning individualized treament regimes in observational studies: With applications to education study data
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
Computational and mathematical modeling of coupled superconducting quantum interference devices
Cross-layer schemes for enhancing H.264/AVC video quality over wireless channels
Data management on non-volatile memory: from mobile applications to large-scale databases
Dynamics and Bifurcations in Coupled Bistable Systems with Applications to Engineering Devices
Ensemble learning methods for educational data mining applications
Forecasting MLB performance utilizing a Bayesian approach in order to optimize a fantasy baseball draft
Generalized varying-coefficient mixed models with missing data and surrogate information
I/O stack optimization for non-volatile memory based storage systems
Large-scale inference incorporating covariates and network dependence, with application to genome-wide association studies
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Novel Random Forest Methods Applied to Medical Studies
Novel random forest and variable importance methods for clustered data
Novel random forest methods and algorithms for Autism Spectrum disorders research