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A human health risk assessment of mercury in fish from the San Diego River
Ecological and chemical responses of macrocystis spp (phaeophyceae) under primitive harvesting methods: the pursuit of a sustainable method of harvesting in n. Chile
Effects of flow speed and sub-lethal insecticide exposure on predator-prey interactions between an estuarine fish and an infaunal polychaete
Feeding behavior, growth rate, and tissue accumulation of metals by the interface-feeding polychaete Polydora cornuta in the Tijuana Estuary
Habitat Associations And Shelter Use Behaviors In The California Spiny Lobster: Multi-Scale Assessments On Rocky Reefs
Mainland and island kelp forests Northern Baja California, Mexico: Subtidal community structure, dynamics, and connectivity for the design of marine protected areas
Predicting copper toxicity using DOC-based modeling in Shelter Island Yacht Basin, San Diego, CA
Prey preferences of market squid paralarvae
Return of the mac: How density affects the survival of juvenile giant kelp (macrocystis pyrifera) in Point Loma Kelp Forest, San Diego, CA
Structural complexity, seascape patchiness, and body size interactively mediate seagrass habitat value for a fish mesopredator
Toxicity of cigarette butts and their chemical components to the marine and freshwater fishes, Atherinops affinis and Pimephales promelas