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A look at contemporary labor issues, alternative community unions, and the prospective welfare system in Japan
Air quality regulation: Shifting state and federal regulations
Assessing the Effects of State Tax Expenditures on Local Government Finance: An Impact Analysis of Enterprise Zones
Broken Windows In The Big Apple: How A Conservative Renaissance Changed The Politics Of New York City In The Early 1990S
Complex environments: Investigating community ethnic diversity and U.S. presidential elections
Continuum of secular state policies : Senegal, Tunisia, and Algeria
Economic inequality and America's dominant ethos : examining the effect of rising wealth and income inequality on beliefs about the American dream
Financing climate change: A nonpecuniary benefit of the issuance of municipal green bonds
GIS Multimedia View of Local Politics
Growth politics in San Diego: development of Mission Bay and Mission Valley
Japan's population crisis : determining the effectiveness of Japanese population policy
Local government in the context of COVID-19: Using natural language processing to analyze discourse on Twitter across four U.S. cities
Marginalized citizenship: Examining public policy from the bottom
Moral appeals in political discourse: A moderate approach to political identification
Neighborhood effects and societal cultures in San Diego communities
Over the legal limit: How race influences DUI checkpoint location in Latino neighborhoods
Perceptions of homelessness and safe parking program in Encinitas, California
The Common Defense: Challenging State Authority and the Citizen Army Through the Privatization of Force
The effects of known falsehoods on implicit perceptions of hypothetical candidates
The politics of renewable energy: The case of local-level financial incentives