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A bioinformatics approach for dengue and Zika virus substrate discovery within the human proteome
A cell based assay for the discovery of West Nile Virus protease inhibitors
A cell-based assay that interrogates Dengue virus pre-membrane protein maturation as a therapeutic target
A cell-based assay that monitors proteolytic cleavage events at the cell surface
A high throughput multiplexed platform for monitoring proteolysis in the classical secretory pathway -- Search for novel antivirals
Adapting a two-tag system that monitors transport and cleavage within the classical secretory pathway to discover novel antivirals against HIV Env protein
Analysis of proteolysis of the Chikungunya virus proteome as target for antivirals
Coupling Protease Activity and Endoplasmic Reticulum Anchoring Properties of Dengue Virus for Monitoring Cleavage in the Natural Cellular Compartment
Dependence of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Polymerase Function on Structural Flexibility and Domain-Domain Interactions
Development of a cell-based assay for the discovery of novel protease inhibiters for Zika virus
Development of a cell-based assay for the discovery of novel protease inhibitors for Dengue Virus
Diversity-optimized route to the ergoline skeleton and the efficient synthesis and investigation of new HCV inhibitors
Elucidating hepatitis C virus core interactions with the host environment, specifically phosphorylated ikappaB-alpha
Elucidating the Role of Hepatitis C Virus NS2 and NS4A Cofactors on the Activity of NS3 Protease Using Gal4 Cell-Based Assay
Elucidation of the effects of wild type Hepatitis C Virus on host signaling cascades
Fluorescent genetic bar-coding for biological applications : adaptation for monitoring HIV-1 PR variants in mammalian cells
Monitoring Proteolytic Cleavage of West Nile Virus Non-Structural 2B/3 Protease in the Cytosol
Monitoring proteolytic activity of West Nile Virus in a cell-based assay for novel drug discovery
Monitoring proteolytic cleavage of a membrane metalloproteinase on the cell surface with a cell-based assay
T-cell based assay to identify novel drug targets against HIV-1-envelope processing