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  • X = Venkataraman, Satchi
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
Calibration of bilinear softening cohesive law for modeling fiber compressive failure
Characterization of mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture energy for hybrid laminates including residual thermal strains
Comparative study of nonlinear Kalman-particle filter hybrids in electrical impedance tomography
Evaluation of a modified fixture for testing composite bolted joints with countersunk fasteners under bearing loads
Experimental characterization of damage at countersunk bolted joints tested under quasi-static bearing loads
Exploration on surrogate models for inverse identification of delamination cracks in CFRP composites using Electrical Resistance Tomography
Global sensitivity analysis of parameters in Puck's failure theory for laminated composites
Guided wave actuation for enhanced damage identification in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer material using Electrical Resistance Tomography
Investigation of functionally graded material cores for tapered closeouts in sandwich composites
Model error estimation in composite impact response prediction using hierarchical Bayes networks
Modeling of in-plane crushed honeycomb cores with applications to rampdown sandwich structure closures
Neural networks based surrogate models for quantification of gap and overlap defects in tow sterred composites
Optimization of variable stiffness composite plate structures
Parametric study of influence of stiffener variables on postbuckling response of frame-stiffened composite panels
Stress Analysis of Rotating Propellers Subject to Forced Excitations
Stress prediction in turbine blades under forced excitation