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  • X = Tong, William G.
Capillary-based detection of multiple sclerosis biomarkers and surface-based detection of chem/bio agents by nonlinear laser wave-mixing methods
Degenerate four-wave mixing interfaced with capillary electrophoresis as a bioanalytical method for small molecules, peptides, and proteins
Nonlinear Laser Wave-Mixing Detection for Capillary Electrophoresis and Multi-Channel Arrays for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Nonlinear laser wave-mixing detection methods for chem/bio agents and multiple sclerosis biomarkers using microarrays and microfluidics
Nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for sensitive detection of heart-failure biomarkers and hemoprotein oxygen saturation levels
Sensitive Detection of Dioxin and Malachite Green by Degenerate Four Wave-Mixing Coupled with Electrolytic Cell and Capillary Electrophoresis
Sensitive Nonlinear Laser-Based Spectroscopic Studies of Chemical and Biological Agents for Biomedical and Security Applications
Sensitive detection/separation of nicotine and its metabolites by laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for environmental and biomedical applications
Sensitive standoff nonlinear spectroscopic studies of gas- and condensed-phase molecules in ambient conditions for environmental and security applications