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Constructing a canon for Dungeons & Dragons: A generative analysis of Gary Gygax's Appendix N.
Feed, jam alerts, and the promise of the science fiction dystopia
Poetry Unscripted: How U.S. Inaugural Poetry and post-9/11 Poetry Should Serve to Challenge the Status Quo
Sci-fi anxiety - 1980's American cultural tension in ender's game and neuromancer as an investigation
The Influence of Anxiety on Modern American Poetry: The Cases of Pound, Williams, and H.D.
The condensed image : cyborg spaces, interactions, and selves in Feed, Neuromancer, and Snow Crash
The evocative lyrics and blurry aesthetics of The National
To fear or not to fear the boogiemen?: An evaluation of the boogieman's role in children's literature from fairytales to nonsense