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  • X = Tarokh, Mahmoud
An intelligent healthcare data management system for mobile environment
Auto rectification for robotic helicopter aerial imaging
Co-robots motion planning in crowds
Coordinated multi-robot security system using fuzzy logic decision making
Enhancing the autonomous robotic person detection and following using modified Hough transforms
Hybrid solution for person following robot system
Investigating The Use Of Microsoft Kinect 3D Imaging For Robotic Person Following
Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
Robotic Person Following In A Crowd Using Infrared And Vision Sensors
Robotic person following using stereo depth sensing and person recognition
Solving Inverse Kinematics Problems by Decomposition, Classification and Simple Modeling
Solving Inverse Problems By Decomposition, Classification And Simple Modeling: Extension To Ill-Conditioned Cases
Three approaches to inverse problem : solution clustering, solution branches and feedback control
Using smartphone sensors for robotic person following
Vision based robotic person following using an improved image segmentation approach