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  • X = Tambasco, Mauro
A rapid CTDI check using in-air measurements and a method to measure the spatially-varying HVL in CT scanners using a real-time dose probe
An experimental x-ray source characterization method for computed tomography (CT) dosimetry simulations
Dosimetric comparison of Pinnacle_ 9.2, Eclipse™ 11.0, and iPlan 4.1 Algorithms with heterogenous phantoms
Effect of buffer solution and concentration of plasmid DNA on strand breaks induced by ionizing radiation
Quantifying plasmid DNA double strand breaks using centrifugal ultrafiltration
Quantifying the biological effects of FLASH radiotherapy with plasmid DNA
Quantifying the relative biological effectiveness using a DNA-based detector
Radiobiological and dosimetric magnetic field effects of MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy
Validation of in-house dose claculation software for superficial x-ray therapy