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An analysis of tree mortality using high resolution remotely-sensed data for mixed-conifer forests in San Diego County
Analyzing and reducing shadow effects on the co-registration accuracy of multi-temporal aerial image pairs
Assessing the Accuracy and Repeatability of Automated Photogrammetrically Generated Digital Surface Models from Unmanned Aerial System Imagery
Automating near real-time, post-hazard detection of crack damage to critical infrastructure
Comparison of chaparral regrowth patterns between Santa Ana wind-driven and non-Santa Ana fire areas
Delineation of new buildings in Accra, Ghana using multitemporal QuickBird satellite imagery
Determining The Type And Starting Time Of Land Cover And Land Use Change In Ghana Based On Discrete Analysis Of Dense Landsat Image Time Series
Evaluation landscape-level controls of wildfire spread rates using repetitive airborne thermal infrared (ATIR) imagery
Evaluation of thermal infrared imaging from unmanned aerial vehicles for arboreal wildlife surveillance
Geovisualization and descriptive analysis of landscape level wildfire behavior using repeat pass airborne thermal infrared imagery
Histogram curve matching approach for geographic object-based image change analysis of urban land use
Histogram curve matching approaches for object-based image classification of land cover and land use
Hurricane emergency response: detecting residential damage using object-based image analysis
Image classification approaches for mapping Arundo donax along the San Diego River using high spatial resolution imagery
Improving disaster response with aerial imagery through UAS-based image acquisition and analysis, artificial intelligence, and timeliness assessment
Mapping environmentally sustainable urban development within six US cities through object-based image change analysis of aerial orthoimagery
Mapping vegetation community types in a highly-disturbed landscape: Integrating hiearchical object-based image analysis with digital surface models
Monitoring forest cover and land use change in forest reserves — connecting satellite imagery to anthropogenic impacts
Multi-temporal fractional cover estimation of shrubs on San Clemente Island
Optimizing radiometric fidelity to enhance aerial image change detection utilizing digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras