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"When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better": The relationship between rom-com consumption and relational quality and infidelity beliefs
Cultural Adaption of International Students: Stereotypes and Intercultural Communication Competence
Defense and compliance: examining the influence of narcissism, self-esteem, and gender in manipulated self-perceived communication competence
Digital deceptions: Differences in the perceived effectiveness of media for deception in the educational context
Hashtags, tweets and movie receipts : social media analytics in predicting box office hits
IMPACCTS©: The development of the interactive media package for the assessment of communication and critical thinking-short version
Mobilizing friendship: Mitigating perceived feelings of loneliness through social networking applications
Organizing persuasive appeals for organ donation : a study of evidence and prospect effects on organ donation messages
Pleasure, use, virtue : psychological and physiological correlates of interpersonal motivations and experiences
Prepared today, alive tomorrow : persuasive appeals in predicting preparation for active shooter scenarios in a college setting
Situational cheating assessment of motivation (scam): A model for understanding student plagiarism
The dark triad as a predictor of obsessive relational intrusion
The digipolitical animal: Investigating the memetic diffusion of political messages on Twitter
The threads of threat analysis: Natural language and the perception of threat seriousness
Unlocking the mystery of courtship cues: testing the mystery method
Violations Of Early Motherhood: The Darkside Of Social Support And Postpartum Mental Illness
‘Audibles’ in attitude: Persuasive messages and the presentation of anti-bullying campaign messages in the context of sport