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A feasible study of a probabilistic approach to analyzing cloud properties such as cloud fraction, liquid water path, and precipitable water vapor
A probabilistic framework for the empirical mode decomposition and applications to precipitation data
AIC criterion for mode selection in optimal averaging and interpolation of climate data
An analysis of global and regional precipitation characteristics since 1900
Analysis of precalculus students' interest in active learning
Analytic and numerical investigation of N points on a 3-sphere
Applications and adaptive extensions of Shannon sampling theorem Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
DOF and information criteria calculations for United States temperature and precipitation data
Hilber-Huang transform applications to environmental datasets : snow cover and ice cover
Hilbert-Huang Transform applications and computational science development for the Spectral Optimal Gridding of Precipitation
Mathematical analysis of optimal averaging and gridding for climate data
Mathematical applications to big data visualization and analysis with applications in climate and oceanographic data
Optimal Global Average Annual Mean Temperature Estimation using Station Data and Spherical Harmonics
Optimal averages of U.S. temperature errror estimates and inferences
Optimal reconstruction of U.S. temperature and precipitation since 1895
Prediction and its error estimation of the United States monthly precipitation by super-ensemble canonical correlation analysis
R reconstruction of global precipitation, error analysis and El Niño interpretation
Reconstruction And Analysis Of The Global Precipitation Between 1850-2012
Reconstruction Of The Pentad Global Precipitation Between 1900-2014