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  • X = Segall, Anca M.
A cell-based assay to monitor the proteolytic activity of the chikungunya virus capsid protein to facilitate antiviral discovery
A cellular assay to monitor proteolytic activity of Dengue virus protease on host proteins
A cellular based assay to monitor the cleavage of the extracellular matrix by matrix metalloproteinases as a tool for drug discovery against metastasis
Analysis of Holliday junction-binding compounds
Competition Between Recombination and Chromosome Organization in Salmonella Typhimurium
Contribution of bacterial recombination functions versus prophage-encoded functions on genome amplifications in Salmonella enterica
Cytotoxic effects of novel small molecules on PC3 prostate cancer cells
Discovery, functional analysis, and application of bacteriophage structural proteins in marine, mucosal, and human gut systems
Effect of holliday junction binding peptides on the prostate cancer cell lines
Envelope stress causes DNA damage and enhances the antibiotic activity of Holliday Junction-trapping molecules
Functional prediction of hypothetical/ unknown proteins using neural networks
Interactions of proteins and small molecules with holliday junction
Investigation of SeqA as a transcription regulator of bacteriophages and host genes in Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli and the phages potential role in genome duplications
Machine learning approaches to predicting unknown gene function
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Project 1: Characterization of the membrane effects of a synthetic antimicrobial peptide ; Project 2: Elucidation of the function of unknown marine viral genes
Using transcriptomics to characterize bacterial response to antimicrobial peptide wrwycr