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"ReMember; rebuild, and renew": Constructing America's collective identity and the New World Trade Center site in New York City
#MeToo: Social news media and the new politics of influence
An examination of available literature on the crime-terror nexus: Trends and opportunities
Hidden faces of ISIS: The radicalization and the roles of women
Homeland security and rhetoric: guide to understanding Adam Gadahn's domestic terrorist recruitment machine
Implicitly biased diversity: An ideological aporia in digital white space
In search of the ninety nine percent : social movements, social media, and the rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street
Inciting Violence: A Statistical Review of Violent Rhetoric
Islamist radicalization in the United States and the influence of Western jihadist ideologues
Posting ourselves to death: The weaponization of Russian social media disinformation
Strategic communications: A case for the olympics
Symbolic warfare: ISIL visual rhetoric in "Flames of war"
The Arab-Israeli conflict : the rhetorical treatment of land in Palestinian memoirs
The Graphic Language of American Radicalism: A Visual Rhetoric Analysis of Modern Domestic Extremist Organizations
The Metonym of Mystery: Representations of Clandestine Service in American Presidential Rhetoric
The rugby moment: Sport, iconicity, and the political transformation of South Africa
Tulips and the caged nightingale: The rhetoric of coded dissent performed in the Iranian public sphere