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  • X = Olevsky, Eugene A.
3D-printing via binder jetting and consolidation of nano alumina bone scaffold prototypes
Agricultural-waste biomass for high-surface area structures via nano-material synthesis and spark plasma sintering
Bio-inspired tailored hydroxyapatite-based powder composites for dental applications
Comparative study of microwave and conventional sintering of glass metal composites
Constitutive modeling and simulation of spark plasma sintering with applications to fabrication of functionally structured mono-carbides
Cost effective way of 3D printing metal-ceramic composites with fused deposition
Impact of gravity on shape distortion in Tungsten heavy alloys
Loading mode optimization and structure tailoring in spark plasma sintering of monocarbide powder-based components for high temperature applications
Microwave sinter forging of ceramic metal powders
Microwave sinter-forging of zirconia ceramics
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Processing of functional composites by powder deposition and spark-plasma sintering
Processing of tailored functional and structural powder-based components by spark plasma sintering
Spark plasma sintering and spark plasma joining of refractory ceramics
Tailored net-shape powder composites by spark plasma sintering